Daily Thoughts

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This Morning read a verse that has been mentioned to me a few timesover the last few months. Luke 10:2 And he (Jesus) said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." The people who have mentioned itthink... Read More

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Talking to God

This morning I was again  struck by the amount of time that Jesus prayed.  Not 'on the fly' prayer ..  although He did that too....  But       full on             no distractions                  'Me and Father only' kinda prayer.  Luke 6:12-13 tells me  that He prayed all night and in the morning He chose the 12... Read More

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Pride.... again?! :(

Pride.    Our men's group has done a couple of studies on it...   Scripture warns of it's seduction....  This morning Paul reminded me  of the Glorious, Awesome feeling of  being picked...  chosen...  special...  when God reveals His Kingdom to me  and yet  in the middle of that  the challenge of not... Read More

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more.... Words from Heaven...

I traded a Preaching Sunday with Barry as I am anticipate  a recovery time after surgery    Then I started to 'sweat it' Now I need to prepare to speak this Sunday!   Hmm....   Woke up this morning and God just started feeding me from His Word...  While I was still in BED!   So cool.  Got up and wrote it down ... Read More

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Word(s) from Heaven

I was reading the 10 commandments this morning - Exodus 20:1-17 Yesterday I had a conversation with a few people about the Structure I need in my life to live out Who I AM...     DOING - not about following the 10 commandments to GET to Heaven - Jesus did that for me....  but   living into God's commandments  to... Read More

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Thank You

Mowed the lawn yesterday... A great activity to muse and think and reflect.... As I was mowing a number of things came to mind...- Dreams that others have (and that I am living out)- Difficulties that many are having- Possibilities that are available to me- What I have- What I enjoySo much that at times it even... Read More

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Garden danger...

This morning I was surprised  by a statement of Lot  the nephew of Abraham....   When Abraham suggested that they separate  because their flocks were too big for one area....   "Lot looked up   and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan   was well watered,   like the garden of the LORD...." Gen 13:10  Hmm.... The... Read More

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My head lifted up.

This morning I needed to apologize to someone....   Hmm... it's actually getting easier...  ...Sort of.  :P    Then I read David's words   Psalm 3:3 God is  the lifter of my head   No shame No explanations needed. He knows He lifts my head.   Psalm 5:3 Morning by morning O LordYou hear my prayer. He loves to hear... Read More

Divine touch

Present.... vital.... life giving.

The last few weeks with being sick, high event busyness, and a 'humility adjustment' that God is working me through.. My morning time with Him has felt dry and 'rote' just goin through the motions..... Hmmm. Sigh..... :( This morning I read Malachi... He challenged God's people that their worship had become rote... Read More


Building who's house?

Today I was reading Haggai's call to the people of Israel to build the house of God first, instead of their own houses.     It reminded me that the House of God now is My Life.    and I have a choice  to build into Him  To put Himand His Kingdom1st. The interesting thing in reading the two short chapters of... Read More