Daily Thoughts

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fall to the ground.....?

This morning I was reminded again that there are seasons when God's word is not shall we say... abounding.... When Samuel was a young boy 'The word of the Lord was RARE. There were not many visions.' 1 Sam 3:1-10 Visions was obviously one of the major ways God communicated to his people throughthe prophets. But... Read More


Get up. Get going.

I have been feeling antsy the last couple of days. Irritable, frustrated... mostly on the inside... until something happens that really bugs me (like spilling a tray of roasted vegies all over the BBQ and deck.....  grrr...) Chatted with my mens group yesterday about it. They prayed for me to have God reveal the... Read More

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Mama's prayers...

This morning I was enjoying 'listening to Paul' talk to his friends in the church at Galatia. He tells a bit of his story....  Gal 1:11-24 I have been thinking about that.  When Christ met him on the road to DamascusHe asked Paul, "Why are you kicking against the goads?" Acts 9:4-5Goads were sharp sticks used to... Read More

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Words from God

This morning I continue to think about the WORDs of God.... Put on tablets of stone for Moses to give to the people.Communicated through Moses as God's prophet (one who speaks God's words). No other religion No other faith can claim these events - God actually writing words to people. - God actually speaking to... Read More

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Alphabet soup?

This morning I read a statement made by Moses when he was retelling the nation the laws of God (Deuteronomy = 2nd law). I thought the statement was made by Jesus (it was) Matt 4:4 and Lk 4:4  but I had forgotten that it was rooted in what Moses was telling the people about God's instructions to them.  Manna was... Read More

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New instructions.... for an old path.

This morning I went for a walk.  Ran too far last week and am still pretty sore.... so just walked.... :/ It was dark for about an hour so had a flashlight.... While I was in the park I wondered if I might have a surprise meeting with a bear or cougar...  so that was slightly unnerving...  and I was listening to... Read More


Your Kingdom come, on earth.....

This morning I was out for a run and listening to Jesus talk about Heaven (as recorded by Matthew). I actually 'woke up' to the amazing thought that someone from Heaven sat down with some folks and told them what it is like..... Wow. It made me think of C.S. Lewis' book series of Narnia....Entering into the... Read More


Hear and Laugh.

This morning woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.... Aaaa too many Chocolate Costco cookies.... :/ Grrr... So I had a workout and read scripture. GenesisI found it very interesting what and how God named the forefathers of 2 nations.Ishmael - 'God hears'Isaac - 'He laughs' Ishmael - Hagar is abused and... Read More


1 Genesis.... 2 Genesis..... the tree.

This morning I started reading the Bible.....at the beginning....Genesis and Matthew.I hadn't noticed how similarly they both start off.- Both have a Genealogy.- Both have Satan's tempting the founder of a new people to sin.- Both have a Baptism by water...... Death of the old things.... I was curious the things... Read More

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Calves and Joy....

This morning was able to finish reading the Bible. Revelation, Malachi, Proverbs.As you know I try to read a bit from Old, New and Psalms / Proverbs each day. Some days it is more difficult, some days it doesn't happen.... but most days it does.....and it weaves truth through my mind and memory to begin the day... Read More