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The other day as I was reading John 
Jesus mentioned that if the people didn't believe 
the words that Moses wrote 
They wouldn't believe the words that He said.   See John 5:45-47

My 'Daaah' moment.... :P 

The Words Moses wrote 
WERE Jesus' words..... 

Moses wrote what the Holy Spirit told him to write 
And Holy Spirit and Jesus 
are one.... 

This morning as I was reading the event of the men 
bringing the woman caught in adultery  
Jesus wrote in the sand....
and it hit me again....

The Finger of God
The tablets of stone
The mountain

Jesus wrote
and men were convicted of sin
John 8:1-11

Reading John's record of the WORD
has just become so amazing again!

Lord Jesus,
You awaken Awe in me

Your ways
but profound.

Thank You for revealing
some of the Jewels of
the mystery of Heaven
on Earth.

to me