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 I had the opportunity the other day To be at the controls of a helicopter.  

A new experience. I have flown airplanes many hours, but never a heli….  

It was suggested that I do the landing

“I have control” I responded.  

As I brought it in for the landing

In a fairly confined space

I twitched the controls a bit

Wrong input, but I am new at this game….

In that instant I felt something

The controls were ‘hard’ when I had moved the wrong way…

They didn’t budge

In fact the machine didn’t even twitch

To that wrong input

That could have put us in a bind…  

Out of the corner of my eye

I could see my friend’s

(with 10’s of thousands of heli hours)


Lightly but firmly on the controls

Following me

Letting me land

But never letting me compromise safety….

I knew I wasn’t to let go

I was still ‘in control’

But he was making sure

It went well.  



I’m ‘flying’

I’m in control…

But My Lord’s hands Are following

Are There to keep me safe.  


Thank You Lord.

You walk with me

Step by step  

You let me make mistakes

But keep me safe…..  

Thank You.