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This morning I was reminded of the conflict between;   
             my culture,    
                 my experiences,   
                     even sometimes my feelings and values...   
and what the Bible says....    

Easy to say "The Bible is true"
and that's that...     

and for many things... that is true :)    

But sometimes
it's more difficult to walk that out
when it seems like
      my context
             my environment
                      maybe even inner struggle
are suggesting 'another truth'...

and maybe....
even, could it be...
The Bible Isn't true? (on that point?).... :(

Oh dear...

and then this morning I read the statement;
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"
from the last verse in Ps 111 and the first verse in Ps 112
The writers tie that thought with
'The Commands of the Lord'  Bring understanding and even delight....

and Sooo....
What if I choose to 'reconcile' my culture
and my experiences
Fear (reverence) of God
and looking at life through the 'lense'
of His commandments
- which are given to
fulfill His plans for me
not restrict my joy...

What if I make the premise (true)
that God IS for me
and I can trust Him
EVEN for the things
that I don't understand
and can't reconcile...


I choose to Believe You
I choose to exercise Faith
I choose to KNOW that the Bible
IS True
....Even when it conflicts with my experience...

I choose to;
    to come close
       to trust
         to seek You

and meet with You...
and have You show me that
You are good
You are True.

Thank You Lord
for revealing
that wisdom
and 'knowing'
starts with
Faith in You,