Peter Jackson
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On my trip to Israel the theme was 
'Out of Egypt - the land of bondage
and Into 
The Promised Land - a land full of Giants'....
... and into God's promised
Release from Slavery
into an Offer to give them
a land they could never take on their own.
A land that was good
but that Only with God would they be strong enough to take.
and by walking in that kind of faith
would be
This morning I read the Event
of David and Goliath
- ridiculous from a 'logical'
logistical point of view.
Saul himself recognized that
there was no EARTHLY way
David would win.....    ref 1Sam 17:26-51
Yet I suspect he saw something in David
that Inspired 
Faith IN GOD.
Faith that something Good would come out of this
ridiculous match
Did Saul rest?
David certainly did....
All in
Fully committed
No looking back
No sliver of doubt that
God would deliver....
This morning I also read Jesus' words
when I am consumed with earth's things
I miss the Kingdom....
when I am consumed with the 
Kingdom of Heaven things
God covers off my earthly needs...  ref Matt 6:24-33
Your Kingdom
More real than what I see and hear....
Thank You for the reminder
that You will supply
what I lack
whatever You call me to.
All in
Trusting in You
....Resting in You
Thank You.