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Good Day, Black Creek Community Churchers.... (is that a word? ) 

Good News!  
We are planning to start a second service next Sunday, May 30th, in person, outside!
Connect with us online for the first service or......

Come and meet Covid Safe Style outside  for our second service.
From 10:45 to 11:45 on the 'patio' behind the church.  
We will have music, a bit of preaching and sharing prayer requests.  
Signup is online as we normally do. 

Click Here

Coming Up:Streaming church service access will be changed to our website starting sometime in June. More information to come in the weeks ahead. 

Continue to pray for those in our midst who are ill or struggling with difficulties. 
God is good and he is looking for those who will stand in the gap and call on Him (us). 

Please also pray for our leaders, that at this time they might know the peace and comfort of God in their own lives.  That they might also have His wisdom as they make difficult decisions that affect so many. 

As we continue to adjust for Covid and Travel restrictions the Gaglardi Academy Mission Class (grade 12) decided to do something different.   
How about doing something local to raise funds for something far away?  
They are fundraising by selling 'Dream Elephants' and meantime doing local things like work at Camp Bob. If you would like to help out Juma's World in Tanzania.  
Mei Li Shepherd and Aislinn Young, who have been connected to our church community through youth group, would like to connect with you;
Mei Li Shepherd- 
Aislinn Young-

Check out their Video below

This week is Pentecost, an event that is bigger than our culture recognizes.  
Paul wrote the Colossians and said it is a mystery - Christ in us the Hope of Glory. 1:27
Our Heavenly Father told John the Baptist that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit. John 1:32-33
Jesus himself said that he was going away, but would not leave us alone, but send us the Counselor. John 16:7 

Oh Lord, we need the Counselor.  Yes, come,  Speak with us, meet us, encourage us.
Thank You for Your Promise to do that. 

Blessings on each of you this coming week,
Peter Jackson
For the Team
Black Creek Community Church