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I recently heard a sermon on the 'tension' of the Kingdom       

Loving God  
Just God       

Grace of God  
Wrath of God    

Salvation from God  
Damnation for those who don't intentionally step into His Salvation.
From Scriptures like Matthew 25:31-46 and Hebrews 10:26-31

Peace and Violence?

Water and oil?.....   how can this be?

This morning I was reminded again
that the Kingdom is not a place where sin is tolerated or overlooked
or given any space to establish a 'foothold'.

The Kingdom of Peace deals with it 'violently'

A passage I read this morning told me
- Don't fear man
- Do fear God
- Don't fear God


Matthew 10:26-39 tells me
- man is not in charge of Judgment.... so don't fear them.
- God is in charge of judgment.... so do fear Him
- When I step into the place of
submission and repentance
and acceptance of God over my life....
including giving up my life.....
then I have NOTHING to fear... from God or man.

Lord Jesus,
I fear You,
Yet I love You.
Awe and respect
mixed with
security, peace, and being cared for.

You died for me
You gave all for me
to step into Your Kingdom with You
I have chosen
Your way.
that You would not be
my enemy.

Thank You.
for teaching me these things

that I might fear
...and not fear