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Good morning! - slept in, and had caramel apple crumble pie for breakfast....  :)

Speaking of Caramel
was hanging out at Carmel
with his men
protecting some of the Jewish herdsmen
and when it was feast time after shearing
he requested hospitality to be shown to him
and his men...  ref 1Sam 25:2-42
Nabal declined (to put it nicely)
and David reacted.... :(
He would avenge himself on the man
and all that Nabal stood for....   
this selfishness
and disdain of others....
One of the servants
took note and called Nabal's wife - Abby
and told her trouble was brewing
because Nabal was such a doofuss
and a fool regarding 
the protection David and his men had provided
over their ranch animals...
The servant figured there was going to be a showdown
and it would go badly for 
if Abby didn't do something...
She did.
Got all the sweet stuff
loaded it on donkeys
and headed out to catch David and his men
at 'the pass'....
When she met David
she said something quite amazing....
'Don't avenge yourself David.'
'Don't work your own salvation.'
'Even if someone is pursuing you,
to kill you,
don't forget that you are in God's hands
and He will not let you die as He has
plans for you.'  ref 1Sam 25:29
Abigail had obviously heard of David's wisdom
- his attitude towards Saul 
- to let God look after
removing him from being King....
Abigail knew God was just.
and God had plans for David.
and God would look after things.
and David didn't need to 'do God's job'....
In all the fear of this week's attacks in Europe,
in all the nervousness of our world towards
Islam, Terrorism, Syrians, or maybe even just
drunk teenagers in our neighbourhood....
It reminded me
that God is God
and I am His
and I don't need to 
making everything
In fact I can focus on 
What God has called me to be...
His Ambassador....  ref 2Cor 5:17-20
Thank You Jesus
for reminding me
of my 'job'
and Yours...
You run the universe
I listen and walk 
in what You have planned for me....
pretty straight forward....