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This morning I found it interesting 
how God 'showed' the same 'story'
to 2 men separated by almost 600 years 
Zechariah and John...
seven eyes, seven lamps 
two olive branches who are servants of the most high King 
See Zech 3:8-4:14 and Rev 1:12-20, 11:3-12    

Word pictures of what they saw.
Symbols, yes, but also a view into Heaven
and in the Middle of it all God says,
"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit."

God's Spirit
His Breath

Not politics
Not military
Not finances
or ...intelligence
...personal disciplines
...being good
or even visions of Heaven
His Spirit.
That He offers
if I would but ask. Lk 11:13

In this Spiritual / Material universe
Where so many deny or experiment
You give instructions
on the Key to Life...
Your Spirit

Thank You Father
Holy Spirit.

Thank You for giving me
what I need.