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This morning I was feeling
a little bit of Peter's dilemma.

Yes Lord, I will stand by You.... 
No matter what!
Matthew 26:31-35

I #@%^* don't know the man!
Matthew 26:69-75


I am discovering
That when life is good
and problems are relatively somewhere else
it is easy to say
"I will follow
no matter what...." :)

But when the WHAT
is on my doorstep
or in my house
or when it hits my paycheque...

Should I maybe rethink this....?

After all
How am I going to 
- feed my family?
- keep my house?
- put gas in the car to
get groceries or medical care.....?

When it gets

it gets way
HARDer. :(

Paul reminds me that this is actually a
Spiritual battle
between the 
Flesh (nature)
and the 
Holy Spirit (who now lives in me)  

and there are a number of tools to battle it 
Read Ephesians 6:10-20

He reminds me;
we are not slaves to fear.
(I can choose not to succumb)   Romans 8:5-15
Cause fear is really what makes me

Oh God,
My flesh is really weak
But my spirit is willing.

Open my eyes to the real battle
Open my eyes to what You have for me

in the midst of 
Giving up things of this world.

I choose.

I put on your armour.

Blessed be Your Name

I am Your
Loved Child.

You are good.
and I will follow You
no matter