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This morning I was reading in 1 Samuel
that while Israel didn't care much for honouring God
That is until....
they were losing a battle.... 
Sooo... what to do?
Get the ark
Get the box that God lives in
so that they can win the battle...
and they did
and they lost
and they lost the Box.....  ooops....  ref 1Sam 4:1-11
and one of the priests wife gave birth
to a child and because of the events that happened at that time
she called him
"The glory has departed"  ref 1 Sam 4:19-22
It reminded me of a picture I have in my mind
when I was in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
A man kissing a rock on the floor
and a woman walking around the rock on her knees
and suspended above the rock was censors for incense....
Jesus was supposed to have done something on the rock
maybe even his Blood was spilled on it!
But what filled my mind was
How have we missed the point!?
As interesting and amazing it was to be there
the point of KNOWING Jesus
rather than trying to get closer to Him
by touching things He touched.......
was summed up when we went the the Garden Tomb
The fellow who was  there reminded us
that the Tomb is
He is Not there.
Thank You for the reminder
You don't live in Boxes
I don't need to kiss a rock
to get closer to You
My life is held in Your hands
- You Love me
and have made Your Home
IN me.
Thank You.