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I always thought it would be amazing to be with Moses on the mountain when he asked to see God.  God hid him in the 'cleft of the rock' so that he could see God's back.... as no one can see God's face and live....   Exodus 33:18-23

Philip asked Jesus, 'Show us the Father'.... and Jesus' reply was, 'Look at me.' as the 'image' of the Father. John 14:6-10   and  Hebrews 1:1-3

Wow, I just realized that to 'see Jesus' is like being with Moses...  Only more so, I get to see God's 'face'!

Lord Jesus, I see Your 'Fingerprints' and your 'Face' all the time.
Thank You, for revealing yourself, and the Father,
to me.... starting from the manger!