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This morning I was redefining my boundaries
by the parable Jesus told of the
Pharisee and the Tax collector. Luke 18:9-14 

The Pharisee is so often seen by my as 
self righteous, 
big shot. 

NOT who I want to be.

In the parable the Pharisee reminds God that he is not like;
- thieves, extortioners, kidnappers, greedy persons
- sinful, fraudulent, con men
- adulterer, faithless, betrayer
and the final lowness - a tax collector;
- traitor, weak morals, bribable....

Sounds like a pretty good list of people I don't want to be like
or even be associated with....

I realized that I am the Pharisee!
I feel pretty good about my self
because I am NOT one of 'those'......

But I am one of these.... Pharisees

Lord Jesus,
when I have been forgiven SOOO much

I need a new way of thinking
a new way of understanding
living by your instruction
righteous living
without the comparison thing.
without the 'I'm better' thing

You call me to see and hear
the people around me.
To enter in
without the smell of pride
or comparision.

Thank You for teaching me