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This morning before I started reading James 
I read a little intro on who the author was.   

Generally accepted that this is the James who is the
Lord's brother (known as an apostle) Gal 1:19   

So it made me wonder.
What else did James write?  
Was this the only thing?  
Did he tell/write stories about Jesus before His 3 years of ministry?  

In his letter, James mentions a couple of things
that bring out the paradigm shift of how he viewed of his brother.
Those statements are in stark contrast with the several instances recorded in the Gospels
where his family thought Jesus was crazy
or not 'with the program' to be a public figure.....
see Mark 3:21 and John 7:3-5

So what happened?
Where / When / Why did James shift to:

James 1:1 James, a servant of God
and of the Lord Jesus Christ,
To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings.

James 2:1 My brothers,
as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ,
don’t show favouritism.

What was the 'Aaha' moment for James?
When did all the boyhood memories actually
establish and confirm Jesus' claims and ministry?

We will never know those details this side of Heaven,
but the testimony of a man who chose to follow
and document that Jesus, his brother was God is amazing!

James growing up, knew the 'inside scoop' of Jesus!
THAT his 'conversion' a huge testimony to this God/man - Jesus.

Thank You for James' record
of submission to Your Lordship
being preserved in Your word.

Thank Your for the reminder
that You came for all people
....even family who knew You best....

Thank You
for coming as a
baby, boy, man
God in flesh
to rescue me.