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There are a number of Psalms  
called the Psalms of Ascent (120-134)  
They may have been sung as people ascended to Jerusalem for the feasts  
or as the priest ascended into the temple.  
One of their themes is;  
God saves...  
and IN God  
is goodness to His people   
This morning I was reading Ps 123
Where God is as a gracious and merciful master
that a servant looks to for blessing and safety
from those who are proud and arrogant.
I am continually reminded
that God IS my source
and my saviour
for each moment 
when others come against me
when I strive against temptation inside
God is there
He is Good
and He is 
For me.
Oh Thank You Lord Jesus
for presence in my life today.
Thank You for Choosing to stay close
Thank You for being what I need
when assailed from 
Thank You Lord
for being over me
covering me...
as a Master
over a servant.