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This morning I was 'listening' 

to Jesus talk about
the Holy Spirit's ministry ref Jn 16:8-16

1) Towards the world - Conviction of:
- Sin
- to bring people to believe in Jesus - the only way to 'deal' with it.

- Righteousness
- to let people know how to live - because Jesus in the flesh is gone.

- Judgement
- because Satan is under judgement - all this world is being affected.

2) Towards believers:
- Truth
- He is the Spirit of Truth and will guide us into truth.
- Glory to Jesus
- declares all of Jesus - who has all that the Father has.

Sometimes I wish I could have been there with Jesus and His disciples...

Jesus left so that each individual believer could continually be connected to Him through His Spirit.

What an amazing plan....!

Exponential presence....

Thank You Lord,
for Your Plan
to connect and resource
each one who comes to You...

Thank You for my connection to You
for all that You Have
for me...