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I have been feeling antsy the last couple of days.
mostly on the inside...
until something happens that really bugs me
(like spilling a tray of roasted vegies all over the BBQ and deck.....  grrr...)

Chatted with my mens group yesterday about it.
They prayed for me to have God reveal the problem.....


When the pressure comes on,
I feel like bugging out.
....or blaming someone for something..... :/

And there is a bit of pressure on because of a business deal I am engaged in.
Just checked on insurance yesterday.
From 2K to almost 5K per year depending on what I want covered......
and the buildings need lots of work
and not sure what or who will be renting
and waiting on the city to grant our proposal
and... and... and....

and I am reacting... without really knowing why
until last night and this morning.

Thank You for revealing the problem God....

Where the stress is coming from....
and leaking out on unsuspecting people around me.... :(

And this morning
I read Joshua's journey...
Walk around Jericho every day 1x
for 6 days with just ram's horns blowing....
Don't say a word.
Last day walk around 7x
and on the last round shout
the walls will fall in
and destroy the city.
Joshua 6:8-16

Yeah sure.....

And it happened.

Yeay! :)

And then next week they were
routed by a little village in the hill country.

and Joshua quit.  :(

Not a resignation letter to the people
but he quit inside.

God revealed the problem
Sin in the camp.
See Joshua 7:6-12

"Get up,
Deal with it,Joshua...
get on with the program..."


I needed that Lord.
You haven't changed
The program hasn't changed
I am just stressed
that I am in too deep.

And I am

And Joshua was too

But You aren't.

And You are reminding me of that.
Trust You.
Get on with the program.
Deal with the sin
(of disbelief in my heart)

Walk forward.
into hard work
into difficulty
into Your Provision O God.


Thank You.