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This morning I was reminded again
that there are seasons 
when God's word is not shall we say...
When Samuel was a young boy 
'The word of the Lord was RARE. 
There were not many visions.' 1 Sam 3:1-10

Visions was obviously one of the major ways 
God communicated to his people through
the prophets.

But then things changed.....
1 Sam 3:19 And Samuel grew,
and the LORD was with him
and let none of His words fall to the ground.
20 And all Israel from Dan to Beersheba
knew that Samuel was established
as a prophet of the LORD.
21 And the LORD appeared again at Shiloh,
for the LORD revealed Himself to Samuel at Shiloh
by the word of the LORD.

The word of the Lord was rare....

Then the Lord revealed himself
by His Word

and what changed?
What was the difference?

It is recorded that the old priest was letting things slide....
In fact he was warned about some family matters
but apparently
did nothing....... see 1 Sam 2:27-36, 3:11-14

'let none of the His words
fall to the ground'

I am reminded:
Big things
Little things

Matter to God.

O Lord,
Your love abounds
Your words speak out
to those who are


I choose the way of
I will let none of Your Words
fall to the ground.

Thank You
for speaking to me