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Today is Palm Sunday.
Less than a week ago I walked the road
Christ entered Jerusalem on so many years ago....  ref Lk 19:37-44
As He stood and looked across the valley at the city
He wept...
And our Jewish guide told us why....
She said it was because;
- He knew what lay before him - Crucifixion
- He knew the temple and the city would be destroyed in the coming days....
As I heard her I remembered Jesus' words
the true reason why He grieved...
"because you did not recognise 
the time of God’s coming to you."  Lk 19:44b NIV
KJV puts it "the time of your visitation"
The event they had been waiting for;
Their Messiah
Their savior....
and they didn't see it....
and she didn't see it....
and she had studied the text
and she is a smart lady
and she missed it.....
or could it be...
she chose to gloss over that statement...
because to acknowledge those words
would require changing
I don't know.
I didn't have opportunity to have that
But it makes me wonder
what I might be missing
what I might be glossing over
because to acknowledge that might mean
shifting everything....
Lord Jesus,
I do acknowledge
that You are
I wonder
are the areas in my life
that I live like You are not?
Where I somehow don't think
You are really 
big enough...?
Lord, thank You for the reminder
I Can miss who You really are.
I don't want to do that.
reveal Yourself again to me
and our Jewish guide