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This morning I listened to Revelation 18 in dramatized audio....    
At some point I almost went over to shut it off...  
It was too chaotic and clashing   
for my normal morning meditative atmosphere....   
It was too full of conflicting 'noise'...   
and then I realized that during that time  
all WILL be chaos and confusion and craziness...   

Financial and political systems crashing,  
Social fabric - survival  
'All will be lost' and topsy turvy....  
a time of difficulty and perseverance   
for those left on earth.   

O Lord,  
This battle of evil and good  
upheaval of all that I count as 'normal'  
This picture of Your creation   
struggling under the load sin has put upon it...
is almost too much to 'watch' or even listen to...
And I am reminded
of the hope that this too will end
and You will bring all to a conclusion.
and I will be with You
.... for my name is in Your Book....

and You will make everything 'right'.

as it was made to be
before sin...


O Lord
Fearful and Wonderful
Glorious and Awesome
Good and Righteous.

Yes Lord.