Peter Jackson
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I'm back. :)
Thanks for giving me 4 months to adventure, rest, ponder, pray, restore, relax, recreate, laugh, struggle, challenge, rebuild, re-imagine and grow hungry for return to this amazing community of people of faith here in Black Creek.   Thank You for your patience while I was gone.

I was reading Nehemiah 1 and 2 this morning.
The end of the first chapter he writes a short sentence.
"Now I was the cupbearer to the king."
He had just heard bad news from his home country
He was exiled and relatively a prisoner
His job kept the king alive....
and thinking about that...
He had to have had his 'ear' to the scuttlebutt going around to be confident
HE was going to stay alive......

He was a significant security piece in the Kings bodyguard contingent.
Everyday he checked the kitchen, the wine cellar, housekeeping.
His relationship with those there kept the king alive.... and him.

It makes me wonder what it is like to be a 'disposable' asset....
canary in the coal mine....
You first.... if it's safe then I will eat....
What would it be like to go to work in the morning
knowing the kings popularity has a direct bearing on how long I might live....

Cupbearer to Mr Trudeau?
or Mr Trump?........

and then he asked a favour.
and went to Jerusalem
with construction materials
and blessing and favour from the King.

Very interesting.
out of
....that is carried well.

Nehemiah was not just a canary to the King
but a friend.
a confidant.

open my eyes to the blessing side of risks that I carry
Kingdom long view
Walking as Your servant
being a servant of others
finding favour in the courts of places I don't expect it.

Thank You Lord
for the bigger view.

Kingdom view.