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This morning I read a statement made by Moses
when he was retelling the nation the laws of God (Deuteronomy = 2nd law). 
I thought the statement was made by Jesus (it was)
Matt 4:4 and Lk 4:4  
but I had forgotten that it was rooted
in what Moses was telling the people about
God's instructions to them. 

Manna was God's provision for life in the desert.
but it was never meant to BE their life.
Kinda like the statement I hear now and again,
"I work to live, not live to work".

Moses said,
Deut 8:3 "And he humbled you
and let you hunger and fed you with manna,
which you did not know,
nor did your fathers know,
that he might make you know that
(the main point of the lesson...)
man does not live by bread alone,
but man lives by every word
that comes from the mouth of the LORD."

And Jesus in John 6:25-35
has to remind them
of the same lesson.
Looking for food to live?
don't chase the stuff that fills your tummy.
it disappears
it doesn't actually last for eternity.
'I (Jesus) am REAL food....'
Because He is the
WORD of God

Lord, I love it when You tie the strings together.
Old Testament
into You in the New.
Food for Life
Real life

Not just Your words....
but YOU... THE WORD.

Hangin out with You...
Sooo good.