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This morning I was interested in Paul's  
return trip to Jerusalem...   

Acts 20:22 "And now, compelled by the Spirit,
I am going to Jerusalem,
not knowing what will happen to me there.  
23 I only know that in every city
the Holy Spirit warns me that
prison and hardships are facing me.  
24 However,
I consider my life worth nothing to me,
if only I may finish the race
and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me 
—the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace."   

The word 'compelled' here is a word like 
bind or bound
- as in marriage...
like a wife to a husband
legally binding...
but also intentionally choosing
even if a 'nice' outcome might not be assured....

Later on a prophet ties himself up with
Paul's belt and tells everyone that,
'the owner of the belt will be bound
and handed to the Gentiles'... ref Act 21:11

and everyone starts pleading with Paul not to go....

Sounds reasonable....

but not easy for Paul.

He entreated them to let him go...
get on with this seemingly crazy journey
that God was calling him to
and warning him about....
- he was committed to
bound to....
no matter what....

and within 10 days or so
....He was in prison...
.....for the rest of his life....

what a waste.....!.....?

and he wrote:
Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon

The Prison Letters....

and the world has never been the same since.


God prepared him
God warned him
God invited him
to stay close.
to enter into

Hard Stuff.
Being attacked by principalities and powers

TOGETHER with His Holy Spirit
inside, around
before and behind him....


and I get to be blessed by
the words and life
Those letters
that proceeded out of that...
Hard Stuff.


Lord Jesus,
Your path is not easy
You walk with me to
LIFT Your Burden
and then it is
Light. Matt 11:28-30

I have given You
of my Life....
Tied to You.

and though some days
I forget what that might mean....
I trust You

Together with You...
Where ever the 'ride' takes

Yes. :)