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I was chuckling with Sarah this morning... 

God reminded her and Abraham of His promise 
to give them a child. 


He was 99
Her body had long since stopped functioning 'in the way of women'

Have a baby?

I laughed at God's sense of humour.

After all
They had Ishmael...

and 13 years later God showed up and
told them He hadn't forgotten the promise

even though it was now physically impossible.....

Genesis 18:9-15

So I wonder.....

What is it in my life today
That is TOO big for God?

Oh, I probably wouldn't admit that to myself.
I know Nothing is Too big for God....

But when it is so far outside of my experience with Him
That to even entertain the possibility is not in my thought pattern.....

It's TOO big.

They had a baby.
And called him 'He Laughs'  - Isaac
Genesis 21:1-7

What are You up to today
That makes me laugh?

What plans do You have
That are way too big for my 
experience of You?

I look to You
I am listening

Please speak.