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This morning I was enjoying
'listening to Paul' talk to his friends in the church at Galatia. 
He tells a bit of his story....  Gal 1:11-24 
I have been thinking about that. 

When Christ met him on the road to Damascus
He asked Paul, "Why are you kicking against the goads?" Acts 9:4-5
Goads were sharp sticks used to 'goad' on stubborn oxen or donkeys when they didn't want to go....
Apparently Jesus had been trying to get Paul's attention
for some time!
Paul had been resisting the Holy Spirit
Paul had been ignoring and pushing back against
God's speaking and revelation...

The part that I have been pondering is why....?
Why did God pursue Paul to such a degree?
What made Jesus actually go to the lengths of
'goading' him...
including a vision,
blinding him and basically hemming him in
until he 'got it'!?

In Galatians 1:15 Paul tells a bit of the story
how God had set him apart for his 'journey'
even in his mother's womb....
And I wonder....
Where did THAT information come from?
Did God tell his mom?
and did she pray for him...
ever since he could remember?
Did his grandma pray for him?
were there a number of people who
God had laid this vision of Paul the amazing church planter
on them from the time his mom knew she was going to have a child.....

Just curious...

It makes me wonder about my role as a

Do my requests
urge on Jesus to pursue those
I love and have a sense of their calling....
and am praying for....?

I think

Moses interceded for a whole nation
for God to keep them and lead them.
Deut 9:25-29

Don't know if that is the case
about Paul's mom or grandmom....
But I do know Jesus wants to hear from me
and what I say
actually matters to Him...

It humbles me
....the thought of You moving
on my petition
on my request
for self
or others

What can I say?

God of the universe
You listen
to me....?!

Wow, Thank You,

Thank You.