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 This morning I was reminded

of some of the words that years ago
repelled me 
from committing my life to Jesus.
Luke 14:31  "Or suppose a king 
is about to go to war against another king. 
Will he not first sit down 
and consider whether he is able 
with ten thousand men 
to oppose the one coming against him 
with twenty thousand?
32  If he is not able, 
he will send a delegation 
while the other is still a long way off
and will ask for terms of peace.
33  In the same way, 
any of you 
who does not give up everything he has 
cannot be my disciple.
All in
or all out.
All assets are considered in a war
Nothing is left out...
All in
all out.
To win 
is accounted for....
to be discipled by
requires the same...
And I remember the things that held me back....
not so much - 'stuff'
but the 
'right to choose' what I did.
Yesterday I was struggling over a petty argument
something that bugged me
and I was thinking
"Wow, my will does not submit easily
when I am emotionally attached to an issue...."
and really, the issue was a 
'no brainer'....
drop it....
Lord, I have submitted
to You.  I have counted the 'cost'
and given my life....
My baptism was a 'line in the sand'
that marks that....
I keep being surprised
at the things that keep calling to me
to not release! :(
to hold them tight
that I somehow 'deserve' to keep them...
Thank You for Your Holy Spirit's work
and help me release
the things of my Self
That I might serve you
Thank You