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This morning as I read Jesus words
I noticed a pattern or similarity.... 

Jesus while he was on earth;
- Spoke only what His Father told him to say... 
- Did only what His Father told him to do... 
see John 4:34, 5:19, 30, 6:38, 7:16, 8:26-29 

And this morning Jesus reminded me that the next part of the plan 
is to replicate the same relationship model in me. 
That I would 
- Speak what He tells me 
- Do what He tells me 
Through the miracle of the Holy Spirit 
living in me 
Sent to all who believe after He left the scene...
See John 16:5-15, 17:20-23, 25-26

Paul speaks of this:
'Jesus in me.
The hope of Glory'
Colossians 1:27

Lord Jesus,
That I would have the same
ministry and model
as You did when You walked and talked on earth.


The veil to heaven thinned
by the constant directions you recieved

You give this privilege to me
to walk
and talk
as Your Ambassador.


Blessed be your name
God most High
Jesus my King
Holy Spirit who Lives in me.