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This morning I was reminded 
that effective and fruitful living is a product of 
'putting on' things of the Spirit 
'putting off' things of the flesh. 

In other words 
making intentional choices 
Christ's promises and 
His Work

2 Peter tells me I have been given
all I need for life and Godliness

But following that statement it seems like there is a
list of 'to do' items
so that I can be effective and fruitful....
- goodness
- knowledge
- self-control
- perseverance
- godliness
- brotherly kindness
- love
1 Peter 1:3-9


True character qualities
and Peter exhorts me to possess them
'in increasing measure'....

Paul speaks of
Working hard....
in the strength of Jesus... Phil 4:12,13

Jesus says that unless I am in the vine (Him)
I can do nothing of eternal value.... Jn 15:5-8

I can choose...
I Need to choose
shift my direction
from self to Kingdom
self sufficiency to;
'Jesus - You have what I need'

That as I 'put on' Him
I actually CAN change
and become 'gooder'
- more knowledgeable.....
and the rest of that 'list'

because Jesus actually
Wants me to be
effective and fruitful...
In His strength.... not my own.

Lord Jesus,
I want to 'work' at the things that bring
And so I choose to let You
guide, teach
but also Empower me
to live that way...

I want that.


PS - This afternoon I gave a ride to a fellow who's truck was stuck.
In conversation he turns out to be someone I have been sending emails to
as part of a church men's group..... but had never actually met each other...
the 'coincidence' was not lost on him...
God is knocking at his door...
and I get to be the vessel!