Peter Jackson
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The last few weeks I have been processing
what it 'looks like' to have God's Spirit
dwelling in me....
or someone else....
What are the 'markers'...?
Jesus said that God's word
didn't  ABIDE in some people
because they Didn't Believe
in the one He sent -> Jesus.  ref Jn 5:37-40
Reading scripture
Memorizing God's word
Meditating on it.....
Misses the point
if I don't Believe in Jesus.  ref Jn 6:29
BUT when I do....
He tells me that as I thirst for Him
as I Believe in Him
He will fill me with His Spirit
SO much
it will pour out
like a 
River....  ref Jn 7:38,39
I DO believe.
And as one man said,
"help my (areas of) unbelief!"
I do want more of You
and as I read Your Word
Thank You that it Will
Reveal ,more of You 
to me.
PS, This may be the last 'Daily Thought' for a few weeks as I will be on an adventure in Israel until the 18th.  Blessings until then!