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 UKRAINIAN REFUGEES As many of you know some of the Ukrainians who have fled their country due to war have settled here in the Comox Valley.  Many more are coming.  

1.  We need host families that will take the Ukrainian families in until they get their bearings, jobs etc.  This is a high calling and not for everyone BUT if you feel the tug to be a host or if you have a suite/apartment or small rental please  call Theresa.  

2. Also, if you are a teacher-retired or not retired and feel that you could donate 2-3 hours to help teach these Ukrainians English, please reach out to Theresa. There is already a curriculum to be used.  Approximately 70% of the Ukrainian people have little or no English.  The rest have intermediate English.  The more teachers available the less of a commitment is needed.  These people are excited to learn as they know this will be a valuable way forward for them in their new country of Canada.  

3. Finally, if you feel that you could be a driver - one who can be put on a list in case one of the Ukrainians need to go to a Dr. appointment or job interview etc. please call Theresa.

Blessings to all of you as you consider these requests.   Theresa:  250 338 0587 or cell 250 218 5566