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This morning I continue to think about the
WORDs of God.... 
Put on tablets of stone for Moses to give to the people.
Communicated through Moses as God's prophet
(one who speaks God's words). 
No other religion 
No other faith can claim these events 
- God actually writing words 
to people. 
- God actually speaking to people 

and this morning I 'heard'
Moses tell the people God would raise up a prophet like himself,
and put His words in his mouth
and he will tell them everything God would command.
and all who don't listen to Him
will be called to account. Deut 18:15-19

words of God
Carried by a messenger

Carried by God Himself
to everyone.
Communicated to
Those who listen
and those who don't.

God's instructions
more than information
but actually
and for those who disregard
no Life.


So long ago
You planned it
You spoke it
then You did it.
I am listening for Your
Words of
....of Life.