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Mowed the lawn yesterday...

A great activity to muse and think and reflect....

As I was mowing a number of things came to mind...
- Dreams that others have (and that I am living out)
- Difficulties that many are having
- Possibilities that are available to me
- What I have
- What I enjoy
So much that at times it even seems to be too much (to care for..)

Simple things....  like;
- having enough water to shower in
and not too much water (so that it floods my house or workplace)

I was filled with thankfulness.

What is that feeling?
Not just peace or joy
though they are a part of it
a deep satisfaction
a feeling of being blessed
and looked after

I am
Thankful for my wife
Thankful for my children
Thankful that I am a child of the Great King.
Who loves me

and cares for me...

Thank You Lord
I Bless Your Name
I relish being your child
I relax and reflect on Your provision in my life
I thank You for choosing me
calling me
caring for me...
You are the very essence of my joy
my life
my being.

I Bless You
O King most high.

I Thank You,