Peter Jackson
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This morning I was wondering what Peter was thinking... 

Jesus made the disciples leave without Him,
so He could have some solo prayer time. 

As they were trying to get across the lake, 
the wind was against them
and they were being buffeted by the waves.
They saw what looked like an apparition
Walking on the water....

It must be a spirit,
A ghost....!

and from that Ghost
A familiar voice....
"Take courage!
It is I.
Don't be afraid."

Now this is the part that
makes me wonder....
What made Peter do what he did?

"Lord, if it is you
tell me to come to you
on the water."
Matthew 14:22-31

A few years ago I was on Lake Galilee
in a boat
in the dark
It was cold
and a bit windy.
A friend of mine was reading this very scripture
and my line (naturally)
was to ask Jesus (him) to call me out
onto the water.
and I had a choice....
Should I go for it?
Should I try it?
Be prepared to get wet I thought....

I ran to the edge of the boat
and made like I was jumping off
grabbed a railing post
and swung myself back aboard.

Our tour guide was NOT impressed....

what shifted in Peter's mind from,
'It's a Ghost!'
"Call me to come to you 
ON the water."

Jesus' response was
One word.

Lord Jesus,
What did Peter have
that most don't?

Was he
All in...
or just impetuous?

Risk taker
or unthinking?

Was he calculated
or just foolish?


Does it matter?

He did it.
He went after You
No matter what.

I actually
want to be like that
but deep down
I am scared

of the cost....

If it is You Lord,
Call me....