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This morning I was enjoying reading Proverbs. 
Proverbs 30 has some interesting lists; 
 - Four things that are never satisfied vs 15-16 
  - Four wonderful, hard to understand things vs 18-19 
   - Four things that make the earth tremble vs 21-23 
    - Four things that are stately vs 29-31 

and the one that made me stop and think a bit 
- Four things that are small but EXCEEDINGLY wise. vs 24-28 
  Ants - plan provision for lean months
    Badgers - engineer difficult home structures
      Grasshoppers - Move en-mass in organized fashion
         Lizards - are common in homes of the rich and the poor

I have been thinking about a statement in 1 Cor 8:1
'knowledge puffs up,
but love builds up'

Paul speaks to mature Christians who know 
the ways of the Lord

but are
causing 'newbies'
to misunderstand,
and trip in their faith,
....all with an attitude of
'not my problem if they can't figure it out'....
1 Cor 8

Hmm...  Maturity....

The contrast to me...
- Solomon knew
Ants, Badgers, Grasshoppers
and Lizards are WISE

but sometimes I am not.......


Lord Jesus,
Pride in my Maturity....
reveals my

Oh dear.

Thank You for teaching me
by pointing to your very simple creatures
...a small illustration
of Your incredibly complex creation
....of which I am a part.

...I choose humility today
to watch, look, anticipate,
wait for
Your Wisdom

like an