Obey. No other way.

Obey.   No other way.

This morning my reading landed a single verse in my heart.   
Hebrews 5:9 '.... Jesus became the source of salvation   
for all who obeyed Him.'    

Listen, watch   
agree, discuss   
ponder, attend  
look like, talk like.......     

all of those might be close   
but they don't quite make it to   

I just read a letter from a friend who works with
prison inmates.
A longterm and often frustrating ministry.
One of his comments were,
"Change is like planting a seed...
It takes;

Some of my brain research tells me that long term change
STARTS after 6 months of training.
And mastering it typically is a decade of training.
10 Years
or has sometimes been said
10,000 hours to master a skill

Yes, of course, Salvation is faith in Jesus.
Yes, God's gift is free and not earned by works
if there is no change
no transformation over time
I have missed something.
Something is wrong.

Not instant results
my long term change

starts my day with a choice.
....To obey.

I want to be mature in You
Trained by constant practice
to discern your voice
Your ways
Your Kingdom
in my life.


one day at a time.