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This morning I read Ps 119....
It's quite a mouthful
all about living into God's 
His Precepts....
The author doesn't actually list any laws,
but goes on and on
about how following God's laws
will bring life and goodness....
did a heart check....
I seem to have a 'problem' with this.
I see this 'law thing' as
Old Covenant
Old Testament
Not applicable to me today
Now is the time of 
the "law of the Spirit"....
there are lots of scriptures
that help me understand that... ref Heb 7:12, Rom 7:6, 8:2
Why even read Ps 119....?
What's all this stuff about the LAW?
What's my takeaway....?
Old Covenant....  Law reveals my sin....  Sacrifices cover it.
New Covenant....  Laws are a reflection of God's ways....  Jesus fulfilled all the Law - Dietary, Sacrificial, Moral......
The promises
still remain
still valid....
when I listen to God's ways
God's thoughts
God's precepts
God's laws 
I walk in increasing
blessing and authority
as a Kingdom person.
If I want to live that way
His Laws give me a 
to understand 
how to do that
Not a measuring stick
Not a 'make God love me more'
Not a 'requirement' for relationship
His laws ARE
the principles of life in heaven
and on earth
like gravity.....
like aerodynamics....
and I would do well
to pay attention...
Ps 119:104  I gain understanding from your precepts; 
therefore I hate every wrong path.
105 Your word is a lamp to my feet 
and a light for my path.
106  I have taken an oath and confirmed it, 
that I will follow your righteous laws.
107  I have suffered much; 
preserve my life, O LORD, 
according to your word.
108  Accept, O LORD, 
the willing praise of my mouth, 
and teach me your laws.
109  Though I constantly take my life in my hands, 
I will not forget your law.
Help me understand the place of 
Your Law
In my life.
Not a measure of how 'well' I am doing
but a
way of walking 
of keeping me
from harm
a that sets me up
to do
Your work
Teach me more....
Thank You Jesus.