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This morning I found it interesting 
to read about David hiding in a cave in the desert of En Gedi
- I was there about 2 weeks ago!  
Very cool to have that picture in my brain. :)   ref 1Sam24
As we drove along the Dead Sea you could see the caves in the rocks
possibly where Saul would have stopped to relieve himself
little knowing David and a gang were hiding in the back.
Rough country.
without water or food you wouldn't last long
and yet
David was so confident in God
that he could 'afford' 
to take matters into his own hands.....
even when it seemed like a gift from God.....  Ref 1 Sam 24:3-7
But Oh it must have been tough to tell those men;
'stand down'....
So much easier to have conviction about my own actions
than to call others to abide by my inner urging....
Especially when every one of them
would die at the hands of Saul 
if they were caught with David.....
And yet in the end
as David and Saul yelled at each other
across some distance
Saul reiterated
the knowledge and prophecy
that David would be the next king...
The very man who was bent on killing him
'Blessed' him!
The cost of being obedient to the Holy Spirit's small voice...
but it brings with it
that God's Plans are
worth waiting for....
Thank You for the reminder
of Your voice
in my life
and that when it is hardest
to obey
the stakes are often the highest...
Thank You for training me
even as a child
to love truth
to love honour
to love You.