Good day Black Creekers (from all over the world!)    

I am re-enjoying a new / old practice of a way to listen to God.   

Scripture - read a few chapters
Observation - What comes to mind? What impacts me? What is going on?
Application - What is God challenging me to apply to my life today?
Prayer - Ask, Seek, Knock  
Share - who does God want me to share this with or pray this for today?  

 It takes about 30 minutes in my day.  
Phone off, 
read from my Bible, 
write in my journal a verse that is meaningful, 
my observations and an application for the day, 
and a short prayer time.  

It feels like it adds a bit of Oxygen to my day. 
An intentional moment when God and I are uninterrupted.  

 This song by Kari Jobe 'Speak To Me' 7 min is a bit of that 
Choosing moments to quiet my heart  and listen.  

 Feel free to join me in your day with the same scriptures.
Take a look for the reading schedul in the Bulletin
Someone reminded me that even though we won't have our Sunday Morning Stream through the summer months there are lots of past messages.... 
And if you are able, come on out to the service in person!   There is lots of 'free space'.  

This Saturday, May 27th is MCC sale at the United Mennonite Church from 9-2   2277 Enns Rd, Black Creek  

This Sunday we celebrate communion together.  - Reminder that Sunday School and Supervised Nursery are 'out' for the summer  

Next Saturday, June 3 is Camp Bob Open House from 10-3   Lots of games and fun Lunch served from 11-1   Let them know if you are planning on coming.  -  

Father's Day  Church Family Picnic, June 18th at the community center - Hotdogs, chips, beverages, ice cream, and watermelon supplied.   Bring finger food if you like. Want to help out - talk to Barry Falk  

Jesus practiced time with His Father  Mark 1:35  And rising very early in the morning,  while it was still dark,  he departed and went out to a desolate place,  and there he prayed.  

Blessings on your week,
As you give Him opportunity
To speak to you,
Peter Jackson
Part of your Team
Black Creek Community Church