Daily Thoughts


Stupid. :P or not?

Over the last couple of days I have heard a number of different  ways of doing life.     From;    conspiracy theories to,   modified religion to,   it just takes love to,  it doesn't really matter cause we all are just 'dirt' in the end....     Different ways to connect the 'dots'Individual thought patterns, sorta... Read More


Chaos... then, BEGINNING.

This morning I listened to Revelation 18 in dramatized audio....    At some point I almost went over to shut it off...  It was too chaotic and clashing   for my normal morning meditative atmosphere....   It was too full of conflicting 'noise'...   and then I realized that during that time  all WILL be chaos and... Read More


The end of the story.... is the beginning of the next.

This morning I was struck by the hopeless view  of Solomon's life.  He had everything possible  EXCEPT a view of life after this one.  Salvation and the Good News of the New Covenant.  Reconciliation with God and man Not by being Good or wise or rich or powerful but by being Chosen.  Ecclesiastes 2:13 Then I saw... Read More


don't know what I don't know....... But God.

This morning I was reading Job  and feeling the struggle of each of the   friends and Job  to come up with the reasons for bad thingshappening to people....   Their spiritual understanding  had gaps in it as they didn't know the dialogue  of God and Satan which lead to the  challenge and affliction of Satan on... Read More


You will like it! :(

The other day a guy at work asked me a question.   He loves asking hard questions. :)    He said,   "Why do people tell you not to take Cocaine?"  I pondered it... all the reasons why, but I knew he was asking me  to see the question from a different perspective than normal....   So I asked him, "Why?"  His... Read More



Yesterday I was chatting with someone about our culture.They mentioned that many declare themselves as 'spiritual'but without a relationship that actually 'connects' them with God...I found it interesting reading this morningone of the criteria for pleasing God.....is faith.Defined in Hebrews 11:6 as.... without... Read More


Obey. No other way.

This morning my reading landed a single verse in my heart.   Hebrews 5:9 '.... Jesus became the source of salvation   for all who obeyed Him.'     Listen, watch   agree, discuss   ponder, attend  look like, talk like.......      all of those might be close   but they don't quite make it to   ....obedience      I... Read More


Read it.... Know it.

  This morning I was reading Titus 2.   I have been working on a message that Jesus is the TRUTH   and I realized that the end of the message was missing.   Jesus is the Truth...    What of it?   What does that change?   If I know that....   What difference (really) does that make in my life?    Hmm...I asked... Read More


BIG... small

This morning I was reading scripture through the lense of  Truth.       Jesus is Truth.   He said He is. John 14:6      But what does that 'look like'?  David asked God to put his life in perspective. He asked God to let him know how small he was how insignificant....in the scale of time....His days - just '4... Read More


Full or empty.....

This morning I read Philippians.   It seems like Paul's theme is;   When my rights are given over to Jesus  I 'win' even if I 'lose'...    1:15-18 - 'I win' when people say bad things about me   2:3-4 - 'I win' when others get a better deal than me   3:7-9 - 'I win' when my 'profit' is loss   4:11-13 - 'I win' no... Read More