Daily Thoughts


Abba, Father...

Tomorrow I start 4 months of Sabbatical.Sabbath....Time of Trusting God's provision, God's voice, Rest, Celebrating His Goodness.A new chapter, a change of pace.I will not be posting here until I 'get back' in February, and although I will miss this daily discipline and routine, I trust that God will feed me and... Read More


Simple ....not easy.

Off to Edmonton.....    I just realized that this is the 5th memorial   that I will be flying to Edmonton for  in the last 3 years.   Hmm.   This morning I was thinking about that...  - I have been given the gift of trust  to talk about 'family matters' at this memorial.   As friends and neighbours of my 'home'... Read More


Military strength? .....or rest.

This morning an interesting word from scripture    for such a time as this....  with the fears of the 1960s and 70s.   knocking on my heart.  Nuclear war....    Israel was in a bind.   worse than now.....?  Slavery and exile.Overrun by a powerful empire.Isaiah pointed them back to Godtheir true saviour...He tells... Read More


Obedient Children....?

This morning I was interested by a comment by Jesus  to the religeous leaders.  He asked them what obedience looks like  and they give the correct answer,  but don't 'get it'....  He relates how tax collectors and prostitutes  were responding to God's call  and that should 'get their attention'! He said,Matt... Read More


Unfair.... ?

This morning I was struck again with my ideas of FAIRand how sometimes that clashes with what Jesus says is'fair' in the Kingdom...    He tells a parable   and ends it by telling about   what appears to be a common 'unfair' practice   in the Kingdom of Heaven.   the First are Last     the Last are First    see... Read More


Stubborn and stupi.... not me. :P

This morning I was reading about the  murmuring,   disobediant,   rebellious,   obstinate people   God led in the desert.     When there was negative consequences   it was God's fault....    and they would return like naughty children   and   When things went great  'they were awesome'...and in the enda whole... Read More

Water and oil

Contrast..... = confusion? or... coherence..

  I recently heard a sermon on the 'tension' of the Kingdom        Loving God  Just God        Grace of God  Wrath of God     Salvation from God  Damnation for those who don't intentionally step into His Salvation.From Scriptures like Matthew 25:31-46 and Hebrews 10:26-31 Peace and Violence? Water and oil?.....  ... Read More


Mourning.... or morning.

Was thinking of a friends memorial service I will speak at next week.   Jesus' words started me 'chewing' on that.   Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn   for they will be comforted."       - Why are they Blessed?      - What will comfort them?    - Is is OK to mourn?     Hmm....  Some of the answers came... Read More


Stupid. :P or not?

Over the last couple of days I have heard a number of different  ways of doing life.     From;    conspiracy theories to,   modified religion to,   it just takes love to,  it doesn't really matter cause we all are just 'dirt' in the end....     Different ways to connect the 'dots'Individual thought patterns, sorta... Read More


Chaos... then, BEGINNING.

This morning I listened to Revelation 18 in dramatized audio....    At some point I almost went over to shut it off...  It was too chaotic and clashing   for my normal morning meditative atmosphere....   It was too full of conflicting 'noise'...   and then I realized that during that time  all WILL be chaos and... Read More